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how to create a hospital accounts receivable swat team

Has your hospital revenue cycle management gone awry?

Naturally, when your hospital is having a serious cash flow problem, you need to do something to change your revenue cycle management processes.

As the President of Zinserv Healthcare, a firm that dispatches interim staff to healthcare facilities in need of revenue cycle help, I know what it takes to clean up accounts receivables. I put together this guide to share my process for success.

Inside this guide, you will find:

  • Common causes of accounts receivable trouble
  • Steps to take in a hospital revenue cycle turnaround
  • Revenue cycle benchmarks that you can use as goals

You'll learn how to assemble your own A/R swat team and get your hospitals revenue cycle back on track. To get started, download your free copy today!

Download the revenue cycle management eguide: How to Create an Accounts Receivable Swat Team