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For health care facilities that need more horsepower to

fix billing snags, lower A/R days, accelerate cash, reduce bad debt. 

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Whether you need a revenue cycle turnaround or need to fill vacancies, our amazing consultants can be working within 48 hours. 

Our team of consultants is highly seasoned, with an average of 10+ years in the field. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with robust service, and our very seasoned consultants are a key part of that commitment.

We are an extension of your staff.

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Free Guide:  Learn to quickly reduce receivables for your hospital

Problems in one part of the revenue cycle can flow into other parts of the cycle, negatively effecting efficiency and performance. The further an error propagates through the revenue cycle, the more expensive and harder it becomes to turn it around.

Want to know the proven methods Zinserv Healthcare interim revenue cycle leadership and medical billers use when we are called to a healthcare facility. Look no further than this e-guide.

 CLICK HERE to download the guide.  

You will learn how to create your own accounts receivable swat team and a successful cash flow turnaround.


"Appreciate your team.  Meeting productivity was very impressive!"
- Patti Finnegan, Director of PFS, Genesis

The Zinserv Promise

"If we don't exceed your expectations - we will make it right."
- Jim Yarsinsky, President, Zinserv Healthcare

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