Interim Revenue Cycle Placement Solutions

We accelerate cash for hospitals by providing patient access, billing and collection professionals on a project or temporary hire basis.

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Real Results for Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Whether you need to complete a powerful turnaround or simply need to fill an unexpected vacancy, our amazing revenue cycle consultants can be onsite within 72 hours to start making a difference right away.           

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FREE EGUIDE: How to Create Your Own Accounts Receivable Swat Team

Problems in one part of the hospital revenue cycle can flow into other parts of the cycle, negatively affecting efficiency and performance. The further an error propagates through the revenue cycle, the more expensive and harder it becomes to turn it around.

Want to know the proven methods Zinserv Healthcare interim experts use when we are called to a healthcare facility? Look no further than this eguide! You'll learn how to create your own accounts receivable swat team and execute a successful cash flow turnaround.

Download the revenue cycle management guide today to get started!

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